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Group Play 

At Buckholt we able to offer our guests the chance to be part of group play which is a fantastic way for them to make friends and settle in really well.


Group play is made up of a number of dogs (no more than 5) who mix well and like to play with other dogs.  Our groups are organised and supervised.  


We always take into consideration the following when mixing dogs:


  • Breed of dog
  • Size of dog
  • Age of dog
  • Castrated or Spayed
  • Recall

They are given the opportunity to have a brilliant, fun packed time in our secure paddock where they can run around playing with the toys or sticks, dig holes, role in mud and chase each other. There is plenty of space for the older ones to have a stroll and sniff around or simply relax on the grass.


If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs and likes to play, please indicate of the relevant section of the Booking Form that you wish your dog to join group play.


Of course we are aware that some dogs do not like being with other dogs due to various reasons. Please be assued that these dogs will also receive their daily walks but will have to chase the staff instead of other dogs :) and can still play ball and chew sticks.




We also have the benefit of a smaller paddock which we can use to keep dogs out of their kennel for longer.  It is a lovely safe area with plenty of shade and toys.  It over looks a grass area and also our car park, so they can keep a close eye on the comings and goings.  In the summer months we put a little pool in their for them to play in.


"It's lovely to watch them all play together, chasing each other around and making new friends.  Its a shame when they have to go home"


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